Woldgate Methodist

Rural church and community centre

Location: West Backside
YO25 4NW
Email: rev.jghughes@minister.com

For a period of 50 years the Haisthorpe Primitive Methodist Society used to meet in the house of Mr Jebez Walker. He was a local shoemaker and at his death, in November 1888, a veteran in the Primitive Methodist cause and the oldest local preacher on the local plan. In the late 1880s the local land owner Sir H.S. Boynton leased a piece of land to enable a chapel to be erected. On 16th July 1888 the foundation stones were laid by Mr. J.Walker, Mrs.Butterfield and Mrs.Foster. Tea and a public meeting were held afterwards in the barn of Mr.Tynall. Heavy and continuous rain sadly fell during the special occasion.

Over the next 130 years there has been continuous worship in the chapel. It now has an extension for community use, and its full name is Woldgate Methodist Church and Community Centre.

A service is held on the third Wednesday of each month at 2.30 pm, and you would be most welcome to join us.

Woldgate Methodist Church and Community Centre is managed by the Circuit Leadership Team.